Nearly 10,000 California nonprofits are members of CalNonprofits. Membership benefits include discounts to goods and services, exclusive access to special membership opportunities, and the energy that comes from participating in an active advocacy network. For more about membership, click here.


CalNonprofits speaks with the voice of California nonprofits to the legislature, government agencies, philanthropy, and the public.  They do this through working with legislators and nonprofit coalitions to develop legislation that will allow nonprofits to bring their full power to serving their communities, and to remove the obstacles to efficient contracting and high-impact work. The association brings nonprofits together to discuss and debate issues, to think through the implications of government and philanthropic actions, and to build networks that support nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve. CalNonprofits also publishes research, analysis, news and opinion through its website, print newsletter, and e-newsletter.