• Established  2005 in Walnut Creek, CA. Family owned, operated and managed by Gene Kahn

  • Purpose  Assist Nonprofits with sensible choices in outdoor advertising

  • Operations   Secure prime (low cost with high profile) outdoor ad space, then print/install the finished graphics

  • Expertise  Gene has 25 years experience in outdoor display printing - personally managing well over 1,000 successful public service ad projects

415/902-6448 <> INFO@GREATKOLOR.COM

  • What?  Thru outdoor advertising Great Kolor assists Nonprofits with community outreach for: volunteers, staff recruitment-retention, awareness, fund-raising and more 

  • Why?  Because it really is great when your work can be rewarding, fulfilling and easy (for GK  :  )  

  • How?  Great color printing onto community transit: bus tails, bus sides, bus interiors, bus shelters, kiosks and billboards