We are thankful for the energy of melanoma patients, families and volunteers who contribute their time and efforts to speed the cure for this deadly cancer, in the legacy of Diana Ashby's initial vision. CLICK FOR NEWS AND EVENTS



The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) was founded in 1996 by Diana Ashby, a melanoma patient. Diana created the MRF after three years of battling the deadly cancer, during which time she grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of effective medical treatments for melanoma. Diana was known for having an especially strong sense of compassion for fellow melanoma patients. Diana's frustration turned to determination after the tragic loss of several friends to melanoma and the third recurrence of her own tumors that summer. She began to investigate alternative therapies and trials for promising new drugs and discovered that the research and development of such new treatments were often stalled due to inadequate funding. The founding of the MRF was the result of Diana's struggle and will to make a difference. Diana died only eight months after founding the MRF, but today the organization continues to grow.