Pampanito made six patrols in the Pacific during World War II during which she sank six Imperial Japanese ships and damaged four others. Operated by the Maritime Park Association, Pampanito hosts over 100,000 visitors a year and is one of the most popular historic vessels in the country. In addition to day time visitors, over 15,000 kids a year participate in Pampanito's educational day and overnight programs. Pampanito is a National Historic Landmark.


Considered one of the world's finest examples of maritime preservation, this submarine has been designated a National Historic Landmark. USS Pampanito also hosts more than 8,000 children and adults for daytime and overnight education programs each year. The Association originally acquired USS Pampanito in 1976, undertook her restoration, and opened the vessel to the public in 1982. Since then, the Association has continued its restoration and interpretation work, with the goal of returning USS Pampanito to a condition representing a specific point in time-late summer 1945. To date, almost all of the sub's missing items have now been replaced, and much of the equipment on board has been restored to operation.